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    People talk. What will they say about you?

    Our work helps generate leads for your business. 

    People Come First

    Employee Engagement: Engaging employees with an incentive tailored to them goes a long way.

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    We align your business strategy with branding opportunities to drive consumer recognition

    Grow Stronger Connections.

    A Brand is more than a logo. We capture the spirit of your brand

Everyone Likes To Be Recognized.

Do your employees know how important they are to the organization? When was the last time...

  • you showed your employees you believed in them?
  • your appreciation left an employee at a loss for words?
  • your recognition made your employees feel truly happy?

Customized recognition improves employee morale and productivity, leading to increased customer engagement.

About GLS Group Inc.

Established in 1983, GLS Group specializes in designing and fulfilling customized branded merchandise, recognition
and incentive programs. GLS Group is a certified women-owned and operated business. 


Who Can Benefit from a Partnership with GLS Group?

Marketing Managers

Marketing Managers

As a marketing manager, we know you have a ton on your plate. GLS can minimize your time spent on branded merchandise programs and incentives. We work as an extension of your team. 

Sales Managers

Sales Managers

You know that sales and marketing alignment is a thing. GLS can help you facilitate sales through our incentive programs. We work as an extension of your team to lighten your load so you can focus on what matters most: sales.

Assistants / Co-Ordinators

Assistants / Co-Ordinators

Want to look good in front of the boss? GLS group can make you a hero! If you're searching for incentive awards or branded merchandise programs, look no further! GLS will take the time to understand your company's objectives and do all the leg work.

Human Resources

Human Resources

Having trouble with employee engagement and employee retention? GLS Group can help! We'll take the time to understand your brand and needs, and find a way for your employees to truly engage with your company.

Branded Merchandise Programs

Who is GLS and What is Branded Merchandise?
  • Branded merchandise isn't an afterthought - its what we do. We are the best at it.
  • We aren't a printing company
  • We aren't an office supply company
  • Branded merchandise is meant to build brand awareness. 
  • Done well branded merchandise increases sales for your company. 
We Offer Solutions For Every Aspect of Branded Merchandise

GLS exposes your brand in multiple distribution platforms and while the strategy may vary, we maintain consistency in the depiction of the brand for effective consumer recognition.

We are passionate about maximizing our clients' brand visibility, providing all peripheral services, taking the work off our clients' hands, and fostering client relationships for the life of their brands - not just for a mug order. 

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Recognition & Incentive Programs

Where People Come First 

You’ve got something special going on that makes your business a great place to work and grow. We encourage employee engagement with incentive and recognition programs that inspire performance.   

Tiers of recognition include: 

  • Service Awards: appreciating commitment & longevity
  • Special Achievement Awards: a top-down approach
  • Social Recognition: a peer-to-peer approach
Engagement Matters

Employee engagement is tied directly to productivity and performance. Effective recognition needs to be sincere & personalized.

The GLS team works to establish a deep understanding of the company, your culture, and your workforce. 

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Our Work

A fundamental principle of growing a brand's influence is to ensure that it is consistently presented in all 
the ways and places that it appears.

Branding Consistency

A fundamental principle of a growing brand's influence is to ensure that it is consistently presented in all the ways and places it appears. Our programs extend the reach of your brand.
What is the spirit of your brand? Is that spirit & message being conveyed properly to the public? GLS group cares about building a program that is unique to you and provides value. This approach is backed by our Company Values…
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