Why Your Company Should be Active in Your Community

Why Your Company Should Be Active In Your Community | GLSGroup

Time is tight, and when you're barely finding time to run your business and see your family, it can be difficult to set aside time to volunteer in your community. However, there are true benefits both for yourself and your business when you give back — it shows the community that you're about more than just profits, boosts awareness of your brand locally while also allowing you to inspire others with your leadership. That doesn't mean your business has to fund an entire home for Habitat for Humanity or donate a wing to a local hospital. Smaller acts of volunteerism are greatly appreciated and may offer more personal satisfaction. Here's why it makes sense to give back regardless of whether you are gifting others with your time, your talents or your funds. 


Leaders who encourage others to give back to their community are seen in a more favorable light by their teams, ultimately leading to increased employee satisfaction. When your organization is fully committed to corporate citizenship, employee morale, pride and team spirit will also receive a boost. Allow your employees the time and space to work with your business or on their own to help others who are less fortunate. 


Getting out into the community allows you to work with a range of different individuals. One key opportunity may lie in partnerships that can be formed during any outreach projects. Consider how a complimentary business may work with you to help amplify your efforts overall. This is particularly beneficial for smaller businesses who may find it challenging to fund or support an entire project on their own. Working with another team not only lets you get in some solid networking but may help form lasting business partnerships due to your shared goals and corporate responsibilities.

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Letting people in your community know that your organization is an active partner can be achieved in a variety of different ways. While getting media coverage of any large events is great, even smaller projects can help improve your visibility in the community. Consider adding your logo and brand name to any giveaways provided during an event or using your company name in advertising as appropriate. Every time someone uses one of the practical items that you provided, they will be reminded of your organization's generosity in offering time and gifts to support those in need.

See how a branded merchandise program from GLS Group, Inc. allows you to provide gift items, promotional materials and apparel for your next community outreach project. Your employees will love the quality of the clothing and recipients will appreciate your generosity long into the future. Contact GLS Group, Inc. today to learn more and get started at 800-955-9435 or send us an email to info@glsgroup.com.

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