Is it Important to Have a Solid Brand Strategy? | GLS Group | brand recognition Why is it Important to Have a Solid Brand Strategy?

What is Branding Strategy?

A branding strategy is a cohesive message that you send out into the marketplace to communicate your company's story and brand promises. 

5 Signs You Need a Better Branding Strategy:

Flat Growth/ Declining Sales

The first one, of course, is that your sales are flat, or your sales are declining. Flat growth isn't a good thing because you want to have upward growth.

People Don't Know What You Do

If people can't tell what you do from your marketing communications, then it's not clear to them what you can provide them. People don't have time to put much effort into figuring out what you do. It has to be at the forefront, so people don't get lost.

You are a Master of None

If you're marketing communications are just blasting out all these great things that you can do it really waters down your area of expertise. It's not clear what area it is that you shine in and that just diminishes your credibility.

Your Products, Services, Market, or Message has Changed

The next way to know you need a new branding strategy is that your products or services you offer have changed. Maybe your marketing efforts aren't correctly saying what it is that you do these days. 

Your Logo Doesn't Represent Your Current Business

If your logo does not represent your business, it could send people running in the other direction. If they have an expectation based on your logo, and that isn't reflected in your company, they will feel cheated. 

Likewise, if you have a logo that seems old and outdated, many people might find that your company isn't relevant anymore and choose other business for what they need. 

It's really important to have a brand strategy and be aware if you don't have one or if you're in need of one. If any of these five signs sounded like your business's brand at all, contact us at GLS Group today. On our website, you can learn more about how we can help you develop an effective brand strategy and implement it in ways that show results!

Is it Important to Have a Solid Brand Strategy? | GLS Group | brand recognition

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