Recognition and Incentive Programs

GLS’ roots are in recognition. For over twenty years we at GLS Group have been dedicated to serving our clients' recognition and incentive requirements. Sales incentives, service awards or safety incentives; we strive to identify exactly what our clients need. Ultimately our programs, products and services are custom tailored to satisfy those needs on a personalized basis. 

People Come First 

You’ve got something special going on that makes your business a great place to work and grow. We encourage employee engagement with incentive and recognition programs that inspire performance.   

Types of Recognition Programs and Incentive Programs

  • Employee Engagement
  • Sales Incentives
  • Safety Awards
  • Wellness Awards
  • Social Recognition
  • Manager Driven Recognition
  • Special Achievement Awards
  • Continuing Education Awards
  • Certification Awards
  • Incentive Programs
  • Customer Service Incentives
  • Leadership Awards

Types of Corporate Awards:

  • Sales Awards
  • Leadership Awards
  • Retirement Awards
  • Performance Awards
  • Safety Awards
  • Executive Awards
  • Partner and Sponsorship Awards
  • Special Event and Milestone Awards


GLS programs require minimal administration on the part of our clients. GLS services include special packaging, product fulfillment, design services, dedicated customer service, event announcements and invitations, RSVP’s, customized reports, all-encompassing customized website.  

Sincerity and personalization are key components of and recognition or incentive gesture.

Recognition fails when managers don’t properly participate therefore GLS programs include manager communications and guidelines.

Peripheral materials and presentations are all designed to commemorate individuals’ specific achievements to best leave recipients with a truly sincere feeling of appreciation, belonging and motivation.

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7-10 Recognition Moments are correlated with 2X Lower Chance of Voluntary Turnover | GLS GroupEngagement matters. If you think about people as the engine that powers company progress, full engagement is a set of well-oiled cylinders that consistently fire. Simply, the more engaged employees are the more productive they are. As employee engagement increases -

  • Year over year performance improves
  • You keep your best talent & they are inspired to do their best work.
  • Innovation and creativity are unleashed across the organization.
  • Happy, productive employees improve the value of your organization – everyday.

GLS suggests a three-tiered approach to recognize employees and incentivize employees to reach their full potential and performance.


Service Award Icon | GLS Group


Appreciating commitment and longevity.

Service Award Icon | GLS Group


A top down approach to recognition.

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A peer to peer approach.




Imagine a work environment where everyone is on the lookout for outstanding work, where employees feel valued for their unique contributions and they connect to celebrate each other for their accomplishments.

Stat on Fully Engaged Companies | GLS GroupA social recognition program puts recognition in the hands of those closest to the work. There is a limit to what management sees… this is where a peer to peer program comes into play. The intent is to boost employee engagement and team morale. GLS suggests a peer to peer recognition program that:

  • Promotes your companies’ values
  • Empowers all employees to recognize and reward each other – regardless of reporting structure.
  • Rewards people for doing great things
  • Amplifies all employee voices
  • Sees more talent than a top-down recognition format
  • Strengthens social connections
  • Encourages a positivity-dominated culture 
  • Fulfills employees’ need to recognize each other and feel valued
  • Brings a broad perspective to what good work looks like!

Our programs range from simple no cost solutions to elaborate point-based award redemption programs and awards custom designed to suit the award recipient.  GLS programs are built to accommodate your goals, your employees and your budgets.


Whether it is recognition for submitting ideas for better processes, appreciation for going above and beyond the call of duty… special achievement award programs are designed to recognize employees for working in the best interest of the organization.  Recognition plays a lead role in maintaining a culture that values individuals’ contributions, promotes community, and leads to successful business.

GLS special achievement programs are designed to:

  • Make fulfilled and happy employees who are confident that what they are doing matters.
  • Create a sense of well-being and security where everyone looks out for each other  
  • Maintain an air of freedom and empowerment that creates confident employees and improves morale.
  • Create a trust that leads to independent employees who help your company grow.


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Service Awards | GLS GroupService award programs are a great way to show appreciation for employees’ dedication to your organization.

GLS specializes in creating custom service award programs that are personalized to the employee, symbolic of achievement, symbolic of the organization and promote longevity. In addition to commemorating employee dedication, GLS creates programs for:

  • On-boarding / New Hire Gifts
  • Retirement Gifts
  • Life events – Births, Marriages, Birthdays
  • Wellness


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