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You need a partner that can help attract talented new employees that fit your company’s culture.
Our programs are user-friendly and are fast and easy to use,
both for your employees and your hiring team.


Why are Onboarding and Recruiting so Important?

As they say, first impressions are everything, and when you are trying to find the right people for your company you need to take a stance. You can only get so far by offering free coffee in the breakroom but with custom onboarding and recruiting programs from GLS, you can so so much more! You need a partner that can help you attract the candidates that will better your organization, and keep them!

Your time is limited, your responsibilities are endless and you need results.

In order to attract the right candidates to your company and hold their attention, you need to be different than your competition. You need to show your potential recruit that you have a sincere appreciation for your people, that you invest in them just as they do in you, and that your company culture is one they want to be a part of. 

Choosing the Right Partners

Good branding not only creates loyal customers – but it also attracts recruits and creates loyal employees. A brand gives people something to believe in and something to stand behind. It helps employees understand the purpose of the organization they work for. They feel like they are a part of something significant and not just a cog in a wheel.

Corporate branding has taken prominence over product branding.  In the era of corporate branding – it is the values & emotions reflected by the organization itself that will increasingly become the keys to competitive differentiation as the corporate brand moves to the spotlight.

Brand Ambassadors – a true brand ambassador interacts with people all day to inform the public of what you have to offer…  a brand ambassador is meant to embody the corporate identity in appearance, demeanor, values & ethics. Their job is to drive results through communication tools either publicly like social media – or privately – emails – one to one – employees are the best ambassadors. 

Your brand needs to permeate through your entire organization. When your organization is clear on the brand and can deliver on the promise of the brand – you will see tremendous fruit while building brand loyalty among your customer and employee base.

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How to Make Onboarding Special

An onboarding gift is just one part of the onboarding process and that’s where we come in.
The right gift can deliver a sincere and lasting message: “We are so happy you are here and we value you as part of the team.”

What GLS Does for You:

  • We help our clients select the right employee onboarding gifts
  • We print the notes 
  • We advise your administrators on how to welcome new hires… the way you want them to 
  • We make the ordering onboarding gifts simple for your administrators
  • We personalize your onboarding gifts 
  • We deliver them where and when you need them
  • Continuity- we make it easy for all of your locations to share the same practices – or deviate within your standards 
  • We inventory your onboarding gifts 
  • We assemble gifts for you



 6 Tips to Make Your Employee Onboarding Gifts Stand Out

1) The Basics
The best theme for your new hire gift is your company’s mission statement and or your core values. Today people choose organizations for what they stand for; an onboarding gift should be a symbolic reminder of what attracted them to you in the first place. Be sure your new hire knows they are in the right place!

2) Create A Sense of Belonging
A feeling of belonging at a company has the strongest relationship to engagement. Why not include a gift certificate from the company store to pick the piece of their choice. 

3) Make it a Fun First Day  
Take the edge off and deliver a pre-first day gift package that includes a couple of fun gifts to lighten the pressures of the day?  

4) A Sincere Welcome
A warm note shows the company genuinely cares enough to think ahead to your arrival. Make it personal… a new hire note means more when it is signed by the person’s manager, by every person in the department or even the CEO. 

5) Position Them For Success
They passed your interviews; set them up to do good work. Assigning projects right away is a great way to begin building their confidence. A great gift is an accessory that helps them to do good work. Welcome Gifts Have Lasting Impact

By making new hires feel welcome from their first day, you’re ensuring better employee retention in the long run. Sharing first-day welcome gifts set the tone and lays the groundwork for a culture of gratitude.

Make Your Onboarding Special

How to Improve Your Recruiting

You need a partner that can help attract talented new employees that fit your company’s culture.

36% of respondents claimed recruiting and identifying the right job applicant was the biggest challenge. 

How do you attract talented candidates?

How GLS Can Help:

We help our clients by creating recruiting strategies to attract top talent. We do this through: 

  • Employee Referral Programs
  • Promoting Culture
  • Promoting Your Corporate Brand

16 Tips to attract the right talent   

Employee referral programs reward employees who refer successful new hires to their business. The Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM) says employee referrals are “employers top source of hires, delivering more than 30% of all hires.” 

  • Your Employees Are Your Best Recruiters
  • The easier the referral system the more likely an employee will be interested in referring other candidates.
  • To build an employee referral program that works has to motivate existing team members to want to contribute.    
  • Employee referral programs based on a company’s core values have the best results
  • Provide training on your referral program:  simple methods any business can implement to give their staff the know-how to refer someone.
  • An employee referral program needs to be clearly communicated to the staff so everyone understands the mechanics.
  • Referral efforts must be measurable, with a simple tracking system to determine its success and allow for improvement
  • The reward for a successful referral should fit the company’s culture and help to drive engagement
  • One of the greatest advantages of a strong organizational culture is that it has the power to turn employees into advocates.
  • Your Value Proposition: promote your firm in a way that features your distinct offerings in the way you want  to be seen  
  • Engage with the prospects and clients that really identify with your corporate brand’s personality and distinctive way you communicate and express yourselves.
  • Promote your brand in a way that is recognizable from a distance
  • Proper corporate branding – to create interest with recruits that your brand core resonates with
  • Be a Likeable Company to Attract Talent & Prospects.
  • Promote work ethics and attitudes that embody your firm’s culture
  • Inspire and engage prospects by promoting the firm’s mission & vision statements. 

Examining and refining your corporate brand is a true leadership task that requires far-reaching input and commitment, passion, and grit. The outcome—a sharpened brand, stronger relationships, and a unified organization—can provide a clear competitive edge.
Our programs are user-friendly and are fast and easy to use, both for your employees and your hiring team.


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