Kinetico - Awards by GLS

What is GLS Group?

We specialize in creating custom branded merchandise and awards programs that represent our client’s brand.

Corporate Awards Programs

Whether we’re assisting with sales incentives, service awards or safety incentives; we strive to identify exactly what our clients need. Ultimately our programs, products and services are custom tailored to satisfy those needs on a personalized basis.

What We Did for Kinetico:

Our client wanted to award their top sales associates and dealers with something truly unique and one-of-a-kind. There had to be an element of continuity through the entire family of awards.

GLS commissioned a local glass blowingartist to create the awards. We then enlisted the talents of our favorite recognition manufacturer to custom design the wall hanging pieces to suit the hand-blown glass.

Each top selling sales associate receives a free-standing piece while the top selling dealerships receive a wall hanging piece. The dealerships are generally a retail establishment with a lot of foot traffic. The intent was for the dealerships' clients to see the establishment's true knowledge and expertise of the Kinetico line of products.

Symbolic Design

Each design is symbolic of a specific sales achievement at Kinetico. Each award is hand-blown and is truly a one-of-a-kind piece by the artist.

Rather than an industry standard award, our clients' honorees are presented with a handmade piece of art. These pieces are symbolic of their sales achievements from the previous year. Each year we feature a different color of glass so repeat achievers have a variety of awards displayed.

As an extra touch a note of appreciation is included with each award. This is a personal note that goes with each award.

GLS enjoys working with our clients to create custom pieces that reflect their brand and that the recipients find meaningful and are proud to display.

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