GLS Group can build you a unique and customized company storeHow to Pick the Right Company Store

Picking a company store is important because you don't want to just choose any old company store provider. You want to make sure you are working with someone who understands your business and your values. GLS Group specializes in building a company store for your business and can truly individualize it for your culture!

Pricing Loyalty

Most manufacturers offer ‘Co-Op' or ‘End Quantity' pricing. These costs should be extended to you in exchange for your loyalty.
Are there any additional discounts available?
Are there any hidden costs such as set-up fees, proof costs, or rush fees? 


The same thing does not fit everyone!
Everyone has different tastes, styles, budgets…
Your store should be able to accommodate any foreseeable requests.

Branding Guidelines

At what point in your conversation with your potential provider do they ask you about your branding guidelines. Do they even ask you?


Ask them about it. Do they provide it?

Customer Service

Will a dedicated sales representative be assigned to manage your account?

What Efforts Will Your Company Store Provider take to:

  • Understand your business
  • Get to know your employees
  • Know who your prospects are
  • Understand your value proposition 

User Feedback

Will your provider collect user feedback? How will they collect it? 

Minimum Quantities

Can you order just one of something?

Conversation Focus

Is your potential provider focused on talking about their products or your business?

Best Marketing Practices 

Is a platform for sharing best practices available?


How are rush requests handled?

Field Requests

Can they collect field requests? How will they be collected?

Just Stuff Ordered?

How can they make your life easier?


Do they show appreciation for your loyalty? How?


What reasons would you have to shop outside of their program?

Thoroughly review their proposal…

  • What are they doing for you?
  • Is the program designed to meet your goals?
  • Does their proposal specifically suit your business?
  • What best describes their proposed relationship?


If you want to boost your brand recognition and your company morale, then you need a company store from a provider who really understands branding strategies and building brand trust, then contact us at GLS Group today!

GLS Group can build you a unique and customized company store

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