How to Create and Maintain an Intentional Work Culture


Few employees chose their jobs based on the company's culture, and it may be one reason most of them will call it quits after a short time. The workplace culture enormously influences not just employees' job satisfaction and productivity, but it also influences how they feel about their lives in general. 

These days, more companies are starting to recognize the power of culture, and are working hard to create intentional work cultures which will benefit both the businesses and those who work for them. 


Just like any other group, a business has its own culture or unique ways of doing things. Workplace culture colors every aspect of how a company operates from decision making to interior design. 

The culture of a business often evolves without any direct attempts to cultivate a particular framework of values and beliefs. While this natural approach may, on occasion, work at smaller companies where the majority of the staff members share similar mindsets, it typically fails to work in larger, more diverse workforces. 

Creating an intentional culture at a company means actively looking for ways to promote who the company is, and what it stands for, to all staff members. 

Just like any other group, a business has its own culture or unique ways of doing things. Workplace culture colors every aspect of how a company operates from decision making to interior design.


It takes a lot of planning and effort to create a workplace culture, but it will truly benefit your business. Here are three steps to help you form and build your corporate culture. 

Define your ideal culture. Before you can promote the culture, you must be able to define it. Spend some time to brainstorm what really matters in your business. It is a good idea to include as many members of your staff in this process since it will make it easier get them on board later. 

Provide feedback. Be sure your definition of culture extends to address how coworkers interact with each other, especially when it comes to feedback. Giving and receiving feedback in a positive way is an important part of running a successful business. Unfortunately, instead of being a useful tool, feedback is often the of stress and resentment among co-workers. 

Develop a way to recognize employees. There is a reason teachers give out gold stars — people love to feel someone appreciates all the good work they do. Come up with a way to recognize employees who are stellar examples of workers who embody your company culture. There are several ways to do this. Consider starting an Employee of the Month incentive or hosting an end-of-the-year awards dinner. 

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