How to build bran trust with consistency | GLS Group | Cleveland, OhioHow to Build Brand Trust with Consistency

It is essential to build brand trust with your customers; otherwise, you risk losing them to your competitors. In order to successfully gain your customer's trust, you have to build a brand that is trustworthy. One staple of a brand that is trustworthy is consistency. 

Why Consistency is Important to Build Brand Trust

Consistency in your branding tells your customers that you know who you are and what you want to do. If you are always changing your ads to cater to different audiences, your brand will feel less trustworthy.

There are four major categories where your brand's consistency comes into play: tone, voice, imagery, and core values.

Dos Equis Ads are Always Consistent


The tone of your brand is the character of your brand. Dos Equis has the same laidback and funny tone throughout their entire ad campaign. As an example, the Most Interesting Man has won them all the Lifetime Achievement Award twice. Mosquitoes refuse to bite him purely out of respect. So, the point here is that the tone is consistent throughout all of the ads.


Voice is the attitude of your ads. All of Dos Equis ads have similar voice some vary slightly, but the main voice is that they are playful and fun.


The imagery of the Dos Equis ads almost always revolve around "The Most Interesting Man." They invented this persona that could consistently show the tone, voice, and core values in the imagery.

Core Values:

All of Dos Equis company core values are displayed throughout their ad campaigns in one way or another. You can see that their values are the enjoyment of life, respect, and passion. 

At GLS Group, we specialize in building brand trust through branded merchandise and incentive programs. If you want to start building trust with your customers, contact us at GLS today.

How to build bran trust with consistency | GLS Group | Cleveland, Ohio

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