Fostering Employee Trust Through Constructive Feedback

Fostering Employee Trust Through Constructive Feedback | GLSGroup

Workers often think of receiving feedback from the boss as a negative experience. And although supervisors are well aware of the benefits constructive feedback can have on employees, they are hesitant to offer it in the workplace due to their fear of how employees will respond. This is a shame because when management uses feedback correctly, it is a great tool to improve connections among staff members and to build trust throughout the entire company.


Supervisors can improve their feedback and without hurting their working relationships with staff members by following a few guidelines. 

Show you care about the employee. No one respects a person who doesn't genuinely care about them. It is critical to approach the process of giving feedback as an opportunity for the worker to improve themselves and make their job easier and more effective. If possible, avoid giving the employee a score, and focus the feedback on identifying issues which need resolution. 

Know what you are talking about. Nothing puts off an employee more than a boss who doesn't understand the job the employee is currently doing. This means you need to know the real challenges the worker is facing day-to-day before you attempt to give advice how to do the job better. 

Show You Care About the Employee Quote | GLSGroup

Discuss what the employee is already doing well. No one wants to only hear about what they are doing wrong. It is important to acknowledge the positives. Use the 'sandwich method' for employee feedback. Mention something positive the employee is doing before discussing things they need to improve. Finish the feedback session with other positive observations and explaining how taking your advice will improve the worker's job experience. 

Use real examples. Don't fall into the trap of using hypotheticals when discussing an employee's performance. While you may think by avoiding calling out a particular mistake in the past, you are sparing the employee's feelings, it is not effective. The best approach is being as specific as possible and have the proof to back up what you are saying. 

Give actionable advice. Use the feedback session as a chance to mentor your staff by giving them the ways they can change for the better. Without presenting a path forward to overcome any obstacles, the employee will leave your office resentful. But by helping them find ways to correct their shortcomings, employees become inspired. 

Constructive and actionable feedback helps the business and how employees feel about working for the company. But it only works if you can get employees to follow the advice. Instead of threatening employees with dismissal if they are unable to change, it is better to motivate employees to improve with an incentive program. 

GLS Group, Inc. provides everything you need to reward staff members who perform well. Call us at 440-899-7769 to discover how to start an amazing incentive program for your business. 

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