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Are you thinking about adding a company store to boost your employee engagement and brand recognition?
We think its a great idea! 


What is a Company Store?

A company store is a place where companies can put out branded merchandise and promotional products that they can use for prospects, for recruiting, for client guests, employee engagement, and more. At GLS, we build programs where we help create these stores and customize them to our client's company brand and message.

Why Have a Company Store?

There are many reasons why a company store is a huge benefit to a business. However, the most influential benefits are Brand Awareness and Employee Engagement.

Brand Awareness and Recognition

Your brand is who your company is and shows that to the world, allowing customers to recognize you. Brand awareness lets people know your company exists. If no one knows who you are, they definitely won't be able to be your client or your customer. 

A company store creates and strengthens your brand awareness, builds trust with your audience, and provides brand consistency. At GLS, we are company store and branding professionals. We specialize in the art of branded merchandise, brand value, brand voice, and brand consistency. 

Having a company store though GLS is an effective and affordable way to show the world who you are!

Employee Engagement

Company stores can also be used as a form of employee engagement. As we know, employee engagement significantly increases retention and the more ways you engage your employees the better. 

 A company store can be used as a reward system for your employees. Many of our customers have experienced the benefits of recognizing and engaging their team through their company store. Not only do the employees enjoy the perks from the store, but as they collect and earn their branded merchandise, they increase your brand awareness as they wear and use their rewards. 

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Why Choose GLS for Your Company Store


We can negotiate lower than the standard manufacturer's minimum quantities.


We tailor the store to your industry and your brand.

Expert Brand Management

We learn your goals and guidelines to properly convey your brand's message. 


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Are you interested in learning more about how GLS' recognition & incentive program works? 

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Are you interested in learning more about how GLS' branded merchandise program works?

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