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We work as an extension of our clients’ marketing teams to help them solidify current relations as well as to earn the business of their prospects.

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CBIZ - Awards By GLS

By GLS Group
September 18, 2018 Category: Case Studies

CBIZ Award by GLS Group Today is a very special day for us. This morning we announced this years Stephen L. Gerard legacy award winner. GLS did a wonderful job of bringing this all together and really making the centerpiece of this monument this vector that encompasses all of those things. We are truly grateful for the partnership we have with GLS and all that they do to support us everyday. Jerry (Jerome) Grisco President and CEO of CBIZ About the Award About two years ago CBIZ came to GLSGroup and the assignment was to create a custom award featuring the number one. We suggested using the vector which is the main component of the CBIZ logo to be a symbolic representation of the number one. We knew the main feature of the award should be the vector and we designed the rest of the award around keeping with the CBIZ brand. We chose one of our favorite suppliers to create this piece for us. Annual Award Recipient Each year a CBIZ employee is nominated and awarded with the

American Standard - Awards by GLS

By GLS Group
September 11, 2018 Category: Case Studies

American Standard Award by GLS Group I won this means so much more to me this is what its really all about. I have been made by American Standard the honorary ActiClean Patrol Captain. I had no idea that everybody believed in me this much Im at a loss for words Id like to thank everybody at American Standard. Howie Mandel People do business with companies they know and likeand getting your brand in front of more people is our job. People talk. What will they say about you? About the Award American Standard enlisted Mr. Mandel to help promote their ActiClean self-cleaning toilet. American Standard came to GLS to create a special piece to formally thank and recognize Mr. Mandel as their honorary captain. Whether its an influencer marketing campaign you want to cement, employees you want to encourage, a client you want to show appreciation toGLS builds positive brand recognition, generating referrals and new sales for your business.

Kinetico - Awards by GLS

By GLS Group
April 06, 2018 Category: Case Studies

Kinetico Award by GLS Group What is GLS Group? We specialize in creating custom branded merchandise and awards programs that represent our clients brand. Corporate Awards Programs Whether were assisting with sales incentives, service awards or safety incentives; we strive to identify exactly what our clients need. Ultimately our programs, products and services are custom tailored to satisfy those needs on a personalized basis. What We Did for Kinetico: Our client wanted to award their top sales associates and dealers with something truly unique and one-of-a-kind. There had to be an element of continuity through the entire family of awards. GLS commissioned a local glass blowingartist to create the awards. We then enlisted the talents of our favorite recognition manufacturer to custom design the wall hanging pieces to suit the hand-blown glass. Each top selling sales associate receives a free-standing piece while the top selling dealerships receive a wall hanging piece. The dealerships

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