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We’re Focused on Your Brand. GLS specializes in customized branded merchandise, incentive and recognition programs that align with your business strategy. This is our expertise—and our passion. 

Drive New Business. People do business with companies they know and like—and getting your brand in front of more people is our job. People talk. What will they say about you? GLS builds positive brand recognition, generating referrals and new sales for your business.   


The purpose of branded merchandise is to maximize brand awareness… to promote: your organization, services, your affiliations or products. It's about creating that familiarity. 

To build brand awareness, marketers need to expose their audience in multiple distribution platforms. The strategy may vary but the depiction of the brand must be consistent for effective consumer recognition. GLS.  GLS is a single source for branded merchandise programs, recognition and incentive programs. Custom solutions are our expertise – its what we do.


We are a second-generation company with over 35 years of experience in results-driven brand awareness programs. 


Maximize Your Brand Awareness

Goal-Oriented vs Product focused

We want results. So do you. That’s why our branded merchandise programs are designed to support your specific marketing initiatives and business goals. The end game: results you can measure.    

Our job goes far beyond simply selling product. In most cases, the product is the last piece of the project.  It is our responsibility to learn your business in order to create an effective customized branded merchandise program. GLS Group works to understand our clients' business, goals, employees, and clients. This enables us to suggest not only targeted and useful products; but also, better processes and services. GLS Group understands no two organizations have the same tastes, needs, interests or budgets. With knowledge of your goals, employees, and clients; we will provide a customized program, to include product suggestions and all associated services. Our customized solution will be built according to your budgets.

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Brand Protection

GLS Assigns a dedicated account representative to each client. Reps learn branding guidelines, client, prospect and employee profiles. A fundamental principle of growing your brand’s reach is to ensure that it is consistently presented in all manners and places that it appears. GLS guards our clients’ brand and its image.

GLS works less like an advertising firm sitting across the table and more like your very own creative team.


How long does it take to fulfill requests for new branded materials? – GLS is a single source for branded merchandise and associated services. GLS works to learn all facets of our clients’ business and goals to determine the scope of their potential occasions for branded materials. We offer a large variety to accommodate varying events, tastes, budgets which enables us meet last minute deadlines.       

Employee Engagement  

Employee engagement affects key business outcomes. GLS programs include solutions to increase employee engagement because recognition creates a better employee experience & that leads to better business outcomes.


“Promote your companies’ values; they drive stability and emphasize your culture.”
– Amy Inch of GLS.

You want to have clear ties to the company’s corporate values - Effective Recognition is efficient, consistent & timely.

Recognition involves everyone – from the most junior to the most senior person, anyone can give and receive awards – appreciation should flow freely throughout the year. Our programs are designed to be consistent, include frequent touch points and are simple to administer.


Best Marketing Practices  

GLS’ company stores are designed to allow your employees to share their best marketing practices. What works best for… recruiting, mailings, tradeshow traffic builders? Sometimes the answer lies within your own organization. We provide the platform and encourage sharing your peoples’ experiences for best marketing practices.  


GLS’ customized platforms are designed to include the option of promoting our clients’ affiliates, product lines, accomplishments.  We make it simple to share the spotlight / promote special affiliations through co-branding. 


GLS programs show HOW to use swag to achieve goals – vs – just pushing product. 



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Are you interested in learning more about how GLS' recognition & incentive program works? 

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Branded Merchandise

Are you interested in learning more about how GLS' branded merchandise program works?

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