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Why Merchandise Incentive Programs Really Work

Does your company have trouble connecting with all employees or are you experiencing issues when trying to engage them with the business? One of the most challenging jobs of any employer, business owner, manager, etc. is keeping everyone involved. GSL Group specializes in giving your team the morale boost they need!

When Brand and Merchandise Programs Meet Recognition and Incentive Programs

At GLS Group we have combined the power of merchandise programs and incentive programs to increase the involvement and engagement of not only your employees but your customers too!  These programs are a simple and effective way to incentivize goals of improvement, discussion, and attendance.

The Swag Shop Pop-Up

Online Swag Shop to Encourage Engagement | GLS Group

One of our most influential programs is the Swag Shop, an incentive program specifically designed to increase engagement. The Swag Shop is an online merchandise shop that employees and clients can receive your branded goods in exchange for either points or “bucks” which are earned in various ways. Some examples of how employees can earn these award points consist of: asking questions, attending training programs or meetings, or by offering ideas of improvement.

In person Swag Shop for Employee Engagement | GLS Group

There is also the option for a physical Swag Shop that can be moved from meetings to training seminars to anywhere!

The Benefits Don’t Stop There

We already know that merchandise incentive programs, such as the Swag Shop, help increase the involvement of employees and clients. This rising engagement leads to increased productivity, profitability, and overall prosperity of the employees and company alike. However, there are even more benefits to merchandise incentive programs than meets the eye.

As employees and clients begin to accumulate and show off their hard-earned prizes, more people will see your brand which creates more brand awareness for your company. It’s basically free advertising!

Incentivize Your Employees

Don’t get caught up in the same old way to engage your employees. GLS Group has all the experience to create a fresh incentive and recognition program for your company! If you are looking for a customized way to really engage your employees and clients with your brand, contact us today!

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